Last year, the Galtee rebrand and redesign launched with huge success within the market place and gave us the opportunity to do what we love the most – rejuvenating Irish brands!Giving Galtee its voice back, taking it out of its previous value positioning and proudly portraying the brand’s strong Irish roots allowed us to inject bags of personality through tone of voice and visually impactful range design. The rebrand has been very well received with an uplift in sales as well as creating a new energy around the Galtee brand within Kerry Foods.

Following the commercial success of the rebrand, we were very proud to be chosen to feature our work on The Dieline. The Dieline is an internationally-renowned resource, showcasing some of the best packaging designs from around the world. This indeed shows that both Irish brands and Irish design can compete internationally… no reason why more Irish work shouldn’t be showcased on the global stage, so watch this space!See full article here.