We are a stand-out strategic design agency: founded on passion, highly experienced in building successful brands and resolute believers in the power of collaboration.


Our first strategy is to listen. We sit, we talk, we listen, we delve, we dive and we collaborate with you. Our belief is that commercial success is founded upon strong, strategic vision. Set out from the beginning, it builds a clear path for new and existing brands. It is the foundation for great creative.


You can sell a product, or you can work with Greenhouse to strategically build a brand. Our portfolio of clients ranges from those launching new brands to those rejuvenating existing brands. Our tailored insights ensure that your brand is on-target at every delivery point, from identity design to packaging and brand proposition.


Greenhouse has a powerful team of in-house experts, from strategic thinkers to online designers. We can build your brand in the real world and follow through to the virtual world with brand-building website design and targeted, strategic social media campaigns.


We are passionate about building a brand across the marketing mix. From in-store displays and activations to events and advertising we will ensure your brand proposition is beautifully and effectively executed to appeal to your target audience.


From start-ups to multinationals, our clients rely on our ability to develop intelligent, sustainable strategies aligned with inspiring, finely-tuned designs. With a passionate team of marketers and experienced designers we are here at every step of your brand-building journey.


We believe the most effective way to work is through collaboration, strong partnership and deep understanding. The best way to achieve this is through analysis of the brief together before entering into creative. We are happy to talk you through our experience, credentials and approach as part of a pitch process, we’ll just hold off on the creative until the brief has been worked through together.

Being experts at what we do attracts a community of like-minded clients who sometimes have competing interests. We offer our clients high quality, original and effective brand building solutions. We ensure absolute confidentiality on every project. But we can’t offer exclusivity without a reciprocal commitment from our clients.