Our brief was to reposition and reinvigorate this growing brand with its refreshingly unique standout clean-deck principles. A chocolate company who make an über clean range of chocolate treats, founded by health necessity but developed to meet a growing market need.

A product made pure, a brand to be proud of, naturally made to enjoy!

A chocolate treat centred around purity needed to stand out. To bring PURE to the fore, we found it in our brand name. Focusing on this new clear position, we created a strong pack silhouette by stripping back the unnecessary clutter.

The clean declutter gives a fresh focus, along side a tasty confectionery appropriate FMCG product image. Truly a ‘fewer for the better’ look.

The identity and communication are centred around the core belief and company manifesto – PURE INDULGENCE.

With a fresh, accepting and approachable confident tone, ready to expand and flex to the evolving global natural confectionery sector.