Three Fools Coffee

Three Fools Coffee emerged from the shared vision of two passionate Cork coffee fanatics who believed that coffee should be approached with joy, curiosity and a hint of mischief! Their desire to offer an extraordinary coffee experience guided our design process, as we aimed to capture the essence of their ethos in every aspect of the brand.

Our first task was to create a brand identity that would reflect the brand’s essence and resonate with coffee lovers across various touch points. We delved into the origination of the brand, developed distinctive design elements and extended the brand’s personality across packaging, core range coffees, limited editions, premium tier offerings, cups and merchandise.

The foundation of the brand’s visual identity lies in its logo design. Inspired by the idea of playfulness and curiosity, we developed a logo that combined sleek typography with playful elements.

We designed packaging that reflected the brand’s vibrant personality and commitment to quality. The packaging incorporates bold colours and illustrations, showcasing the coffee’s origin and flavour notes. This combination of the distinct colour palette and playful typography ensures that Three Fools Coffee stands out on their shelves and captivates the consumers’ attention.

To create a sense of exclusivity and anticipation, we also designed their limited edition packaging that embraces unique themes and artistic expressions.

Each limited edition release features bespoke illustrations and intricate details, adding an element of surprise and collectibility to the brand experience.

For their premium tier coffees, we created ‘The Curiosity Collection’a special collection of the highest rated coffees in the world! The packaging exudes sophistication through a minimalist approach, employing rich colour accents and premium materials. A refined logo placement and embossed detail adds a tactile element, conveying elegance and luxury.

To create a holistic brand experience, we developed a range of merchandise items such as t-shirts, mugs and tote bags. These items showcase the brand’s logo, illustrations and vibrant colour palette, allowing customers to express their love for Three Fools Coffee beyond the coffee itself.