So it’s pretty obvious that we LOVE our beer here in Greenhouse (and cider and whiskey and gin and vodka and wine…). We do of course mean branding, designing and creating them! We are all teetotalers in this office don’t you know… ahem!

We have had an amazing time working with some of the best beer companies around. Check them out below!

Killarney Brewing
Greenhouse couldn’t contain our excitement with this brief—such a rich resource for inspiration—a superb product, a superb Irish location and the opportunity to tell an Irish story that both spoke to the tourist craft beer drinker and discerning Irish craft beer fans. We feel we achieved something Irish yet full of attitude. The tone of voice and contemporary storytelling was key to this, maintaining a balance between Irish legend, provenance and personality.


Boyne Brewhouse
Flowing on from the core brand values of the Boann Distillery, Greenhouse were briefed to create a suite of craft beers. A natural inspiration and cohesion stemmed from the celtic folklore of the area, allowing us to create a beer brand that was inherently Irish, while still looking edgy.

Dungarvan Brewing
With craft beer the clue is in the name. Artisan, pure, flavourful beer—Dungarvan Brewing Company have earned recognition nationally and internationally as a truly great craft beer. When working on the Dungarvan brand we had oceans of inspiration, from the Ballinacourty lighthouse to the beautiful liquid inside the bottles. Such depth and credibility needed a brand that was rooted, quality-led and local.


Crafty Divils
Crafty Divils’ aim is to provide great tasting hand crafted locally Irish beer bursting with flavours, aromas and textures brewed for your enjoyment. Their King Puck Pale Ale celebrates tradition, bringing together friends old and new to revel in the craíc agus ceol of Puck Fair. It’s said that ‘All roads lead to Puck’ but only one beer makes the festival!


Lidl—The Crafty Brewing Company!
Lidl continue to forge a key place in the Irish grocery market and are very pro-active in working with Irish suppliers. For us, it’s like kiddies in a candy store—as we welcome briefs from vastly varying categories—from fresh bakery to tea to craft beer.


Hope you get to enjoy one (or all ) of these beers at some point. We certainly have!