Golden Bake

Golden Bake came to Greenhouse with a brand that was beginning to look somewhat dated. Even though it was successful, the brand had little impact and was lacking in personality. The brand needed a reinvention which we were delighted to undertake.

The solution was simple, this brand needed serious punch. It needed to reflect the lighthearted personality that this convenient snack food required. From the pastry brushed typography in the brand, to the cookie cutter shape that contains it, the brand embodies the spirit of baking.

The vibrant colours, backed up by the loose and lively pack copy ensured that the brand was on trend and much more in touch with a younger, adventurous target audience.

The mix of chunky and hand script fonts, along with the simplistic hand drawn illustrations, gives it a trendy urban appeal.

Once the rebrand was completed we were also asked by Golden Bake to create a national social media and advertising campaign for a new National Holiday called National Jambon Day which now takes place every year the day after St. Patricks Day on the 18th of March.

The campaign focused heavily on this fact and the cheeky headlines tied back into the lighthearted personality of the brand.

After the phenomenal success of the new brand we were also asked to create the new Vegan range extension for Golden Bake which provides tasty alternatives for their core Jambon and Sausage Roll products. Bring on the Jambon for everyone!