The Tanner family from Corduff Farm in Lusk, came to Greenhouse in need of a highly creative and unique brand identity for their growing Eucalyptus stem business.

Their stems are highly respected for their quality and sold mainly in the Netherlands, the epicentre of floristry.

With this in mind, the Tanner family needed a brand that would convey the trust in their established experience of over 25 years in the business, but also appeal to high end clients who expect an extremely high level of service and quality.

Our answer was to give Tanners a brand that embodied a timeless elegance. The large T symbol in the centre lends an air of trust and creativity to the identity with the interlocking leaf motifs also suggesting growth.

The result is a brand that conveys a refined elegance, which reflects the high standards of their Eucalyptus stems and the premium nature of their purist clients.