The Whistler

From deep within the Boyne Valley, Boann Distillery is the coming together of both parents and kin to bring to the world, whiskeys that embody their family traditions, local history and ingredients.
When asked to generate a striking brand for an ever-growing range of labels, we challenged ourselves to make a distinguished mark for a whiskey that would have a distinct impression on the category.
Boann Distillery pride themselves on their use of pioneering still technologies along with the finest and most unique barrels, casks and butts to release expressions that invigorate the whiskey world. Establishing a unique and fresh visual language, we encapsulated not only these traits but also the personality of each whiskey.
Tying the range together with a strong two label structure, we gave ourselves enough scope to capture the unique characteristics of each whiskey. Whether it was the origin of the barrels or the techniques used we took advantage of every opportunity to generate a strong and highly detailed range of highly crafted labels and assets.

The most recent expression from the highly awarded Boann Distillery influenced by the mosaics of Marsala in Sicily.

Taking the brand from concept to finish, we also brought it to life off-pack with activations in the US market by developing the overall tone of voice along with distilling the unique character of the brand.