Copper Cloud

Boann Distillery wanted to distill a gin that would showcase the strength and capabilities of their distillery team and unique gin still. Copper Cloud was devised to be a heavily botanical laden gin that would require delicate control in order to manage and balance the outcome.

Named after what is a very atmospheric process, Copper Cloud aesthetically roots itself in the Victorian era. The branding hero’s the main body of their gin still and builds on the name with atmospheric plumes partnering with the copy ‘The True Spirit of Copper and Steam’. The logo type is bold and confident while the colour ways are influenced by the many tones of copper.

The background of the label is a rich copper foiled tapestry hero’ing the entire gin still. Unique features are emphasised in a diagrammatic way intertwined with plumes of steam. Dotted copper foil textures referencing the Nano Technology within the still and ornate borders work with stylised typesetting.

The amber recycled glass bottle rounds out the aesthetic with a vintage feel. The dotted textured to the glass is a direct reference to the coarse Nano Tech lining that coats the inside of the gin still.

Printed on recycled stock and finished with a raised tactile varnish, the design works with the light as well as giving a tactile feel to the hand.