The Cooney Family came to us in 2016 with the plan to distil the most beautiful hedgerow small batch gin in their Boann family distillery in Drogheda. They wanted to use signature botanicals hand foraged from their own apple orchards, blossoms from their trees, honey from their bees and elderflower from their hedgerows.

And so our journey to help them create Silks began. Silks the brand is steeped in provenience and pride of the gin-smith craft. Distilled in the historical Boyne Valley, it’s name is influenced by the Bellewstown Racecourse that neighbours the families distillery and the colourful Jockey Silks that dart past peoples eyes in a fever of excitement each race day.

Using 14 distinct botanicals which are macerated for 24 hours before slow distilling with a vapour infusion in their own custom Copper Pot Still. Each distillation is non chill filtered and cut back with their own deep well water before bottling.

Using unique distilling methods and custom stills utalising Nano Technology, the Cooney family pride themselves in making their our own tracks with this gin.

Remaining committed to championing the traditional gins with a unique twist, they have reinvigorated the classically balanced styles that lie at the heart of classic gin cocktails.