Rye River Brewing

Rye River wanted to create a brand that heroed their brewery. After years of managing sub-brands it was time to celebrate the art of brewing and their talented brewers with a brand that truly represented them.

The new brand marque depicts a kingfisher, a well-known icon of the River Rye – the founding site of the brewery. A strong graphic symbol that is eye-catching and robust enough to translate impactfully across activations and packaging.


Every beer has its own personality and range of icons developed specifically to communicate the distinct profiles of the beer and engage with the consumers.

As part of the brand launch the brewery’s popular McGargles Big Bangin’ IPA was transitioning to the new brand look. We needed an activation campaign that reassured consumers that it tasted the same whilst celebrated the new brand launch, packed full of personality.

The Rye River seasonal releases are limited edition beers brewed with beer connoisseurs in mind. These premium releases each have their own story to tell with a bespoke illustration or label finish and unique flavour profile. True collectable items!