Robert Roberts

Valeo Foods came to Greenhouse with the exciting prospect of rebranding one of Ireland’s largest Coffee and Tea brands. Coffee culture is huge in Ireland and Robert Roberts, one of the category’s most established brands was losing relevance in this new world.

The challenge posed to Greenhouse was to reinvigorate the brand and make it more relevant and exciting for current consumers, as well as to entice a new audience to try their range.

What was needed was a radical overhaul of the brand, in order to dial up the product’s premium attributes.

This involved a total rework of the brand identity. The old nameplate of Robert Roberts was replaced by a more modern logotype with a tab device containing an RR Monogram – giving the brand a sharp edgy feel.

With the new brand logo, a more refined, premium look was employed to give the brand a more established and trusted feel. This was now a brand that reflected its long history within the country, the packaging echoed this with a highly sophisticated approach across the range.

Silver inks and a bespoke UV varnished pattern gave their tea ranges a more premium feel and great shelf impact, while the clever use of overprints on the coffee packs ensured the best use of the foil substrate.