Greenhouse was engaged to rejuvenate the Grafters brand by its maker, Rye River Brewery. The brief was to create a more robust design, that told the brand story in more compelling way, as well as bringing the product more in line with the other brands in their portfolio. Grafters is made exclusively for Dunnes Stores in Ireland

The name itself tells us all we need to know about this beer. It’s a grafters beer, made by and for hard working people who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and getting on with the job! It’s a beer to be enjoyed after a hard days work! Our task was to create a design that captured this sense of a no- nonsense, straight talking beer.

The design of the label manages to lock up all of the graphics and story within the brick-work of the brewery walls. The central focus is of course on the brewer himself, the grafter, as he presents the fruits of his labour and folds his arms in pride.

The intrinsic detailing tells the story of the brewing process and the labour that goes into making these beers. The hops and water reflect the purity of the beer while the nuts and bolts show the graft that has gone into making it. Certain elements on the label are finished in a copper detailing to allow us elevate the finish of the product.

Tasting notes on the back label provide some food inspiration to go along with your beer of choice! So which ever one you choose, it’s sure to hit the spot!