GardenCraft by DOSCO

When DOSCO initially came to us with the idea of launching a new range of quality garden tools, we were very keen to help them bring their vision alive. The interest and activity around gardening has really exploded over recent years and it’s wonderful to see an Irish brand now enter the market.

We wanted to develop a positioning for GardenCraft® that works by endorsing the heritage and trust of the brand but also creates something that combines quality and workmanship with a modern charm. We concluded with ‘Beautifully crafted tools for beautiful gardens’.

We created all the supporting literature, in-store and retail unit displays to help ensure the range was presented to the consumer in a fitting manner.

The style and feel of the brand embraces the botanical spirit of gardening with each touchpoint illustrated with supporting imagery.

As the brand continues to grow, there will be more scope to move into other areas of outdoor living and with a strong overall positioning, the GardenCraft® range will continue to deliver.