Galtee is one of Ireland’s largest meat brands, we all grew up with the smell of their rashers crisping on our Nan’s stove top. However, over the years it was a somewhat neglected, slotting into the ‘value category’ and in recent times it was realised that it could be so much more.

When we had the opportunity to rejuvenate the brand, that is by now woven into our national DNA. We knew we had to give it something that only us Irish would get.

Enter stage left, the language! The language on these packs and associated with the brand is colloquial and unmistakably Irish, giving the brand a tone of voice that people can relate to and have a giggle with.

Another large part of this brand is the fact that it does come under a price offering, something that we see gives us an opportunity to give it bags of personality. It led us to a bold and considered design that is eye-catching while easy to navigate the myriad of products within the range.

The brand has also seen success in off-pack comms such as social media, advertising and other brand assets. With all this we were able to give Galtee it’s voice back.