Denny Meat Free

New from Greenhouse. We are delighted to work with the team in Kerry Foods on their Meat Free brand which has launched into Irish stores over the past year.
We were engaged with the team in Kerry Foods from the start, from the initial exploration and ideation, to consumer research panels and testing. We worked the creative insight that this product would primarily target flexitarian consumers who may be looking to cut down on their meat intake.
As we know, demand for vegan products has grown exponentially and we have seen more and more brands emerging in this space. It was key for us that while developing the Meat Free brand we stayed very true to the heritage and tradition of Denny but while possibly showing the brand in a new light.
Enticing food photography bridges the possible ‘fear’ gap some consumers may have when first trying a product of this kind, which has become a strong asset of the brand – we can vouch for the fact they taste as good as they look!
Overall, the brand is light and bright and has strong shelf presence, we have created a strong overall platform to further build communications and advertising campaigns.

Denny Meat Free is the Number 1 meat free sausage in Ireland and has driven incremental category growth, were looking forward to seeing lots more tasty Meat Free products hitting the shelves this year!

“Denny moved into plant protein in February 2020, we launched into Meat Free to ensure our consumers were getting the choice they are looking for from us as a  leading brand in the Irish market.

Meat free is an area we have been researching for two years, we brought Greenhouse into the journey early, they helped us conduct our consumer research panels,  supporting us with different concepts and executions for consumer feedback which then formed the great packaging you see today. The Greenhouse team landed on a whole platform for Denny Meat Free and now we already have a range of three under it with more to come, the packaging assets have been transferrable through the line and are used in our advertising campaigns.

Packaging is the advertising that our consumers physically holds and the success of the launch and growth of our Meat Free platform would not have been possible without the design delivery greenhouse achieved.

Denny Meat Free is the #1 meat free sausage in Ireland, driving incremental category growth and tracking against €2m RSV delivery by the end of the year.”

Julie-Ann, Marketing Manager, Kerry Foods