Coolmore Cakes

Established in 1988, Coolmore cakes began in the family kitchen with the first cakes being baked in an AGA oven in Bandon, West Cork. As the business has grown over the decades so too has the range and today Coolmore are one of the largest cake producers in Ireland.

Coolmore approached us to refresh their aesthetic and create a brand that celebrates the heritage and deliciousness of their products.

A homely, everyday cake range that would be relaunching in an already visually busy environment. Coolmore required impactful, contemporary branding and packaging whilst giving a nod to its West Cork heritage and use of tasty, wholesome ingredients.

Our solution is inspired by Coolmore’s history and how they strive to deliver fresh, delicious products that can be found in nearly every Irish home. Our use of bright and poppy illustrations represent the flavour and texture cues and the decorative scalloped edge is a nod to the cake world. All of these combined ensure strong shelf presence.

Our design ensures consistency across their wide range of products and celebrates the greatness and craft of Coolmore. The product title is enveloped in beautiful illustrations which signify the variant while the brandmark and year of establishment reinforces the brand’s heritage and expertise.