Bantry Bay


Bantry Bay Premium Seafoods came to Greenhouse through Bord Bia to update their already highly successful seafood brand. The identity had become dated over the years and needed to be modernised to reflect their status as one of Ireland’s largest mussels providers with a hugely growing export market to boot. 

Greenhouse repositioned the brand to reflect its sole focus which is premium Irish mussels. We cleaned up the brand with a completely new, redrawn hand script for the logotype and selected a more contemporary, cohesive colour palette for it.

As part of the rebrand, one of the major updates was redeveloping the Bantry Bay website. It was given a total overhaul to reflect a team that is dedicated to tradition and craft, but at the same time, also equipped to be a world beating company that could still thread lightly on the environment. 

It was essential that the workings and the people of the company were reflected in an honest nature, and to that end we spent days on location capturing photographs and videography of the natural beauty surrounding Bantry Bay which feeds the organic mussels that are harvested by the dedicated mussel farmers and prepared for a global market by the team in Bantry Bays best in class production facility.

In conjunction with the website we also produced a video to be used as a promotional tool for the sales team and to be viewed on their website and across social channels. As with the website, the video tells the story of the premium mussels that are harvested from Bantry Bay, right through to the local production facility and ultimately to the end consumer of these nutritious organic mussels.

This was truly an all encompassing project that Greenhouse was delighted to work on with Bantry Bay to ensure their business thrives as they meet the demands of eagerly awaiting plates around the world.