With close to 300,000 people expected to attend this year’s Ploughing Championships over a 3 day period, the annual event has become a very attractive platform for brands to market to Irish consumers.

Over 1700 exhibitors will attend the event this year, many of whom have no direct connection with the agricultural world. While each of them compete over a massive 100 acre expanse for visitor’s attention and euros, we have rounded up our top tips on how brands can stand out from the crowd at big events.

  • Be unexpected: Use ‘the Ploughing’ to launch a new variant, format or give visitors an exclusive offer during the event- adding value to purchases (free branded gifts), or even use the crowd to weigh in on your latest new product flavours!
  • Large Formats: In such a large space it’s difficult to be seen amongst the crowds, super-size everything from pull ups to flags, goodie bags to packaging prototypes- make them bigger, and use your product samples to form your stand-blocks of colour which can be used to build up and define your exhibition space.
  • Be Social: Apart from using the usual #Ploughing17 hashtag on every post, create your own event hashtag (such as #GreenhouseOnTour) and use it across all your platforms (and tag others) to stay on everyone’s feed throughout the event with plenty of photos and live content. Twitter is the best live event platform to make connections and keep everyone updated while Instagram is fantastic for sharing visual content and videos. Your Facebook followers can also be targeted using Facebook events and even creating a branded Canvas to immerse followers in your Ploughing experience.
  • Experience is everything: even the smallest of stands can make a huge impact with floor coverings, furniture, music, smells, lighting, or even dancers and actors to entice visitors into your brands world! Brands that use a combination of these create memorable experiences that visitors will engage with more and share socially, thus spreading the word for you!
  • Be present! Events like Ploughing17 are the perfect opportunity to meet your customers first-hand, introduce them to the personalities and creators behind the brand and share your story. Where possible, business owners should take time to attend the event themselves, to gain insights from the public and see how competitors are driving forward.

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