With extreme diets being replaced with more everyday and holistic well-being goals, we are ditching the fads for longer term healthier lifestyles.

Our unwavering fascination with world cuisine is being fuelled by access to social platforms that hero the most appetising and photogenic dishes for inspiration, meanwhile retailers struggle to keep up with the growing demand for our latest food crush. 

Sales of avocados, tonic waters, slow cooked meats, salad bowls and craft beers filled up our baskets in 2017, but what will we be craving this year and why? We have trawled the global experts lists to bring you a flavour of 2018’s likely food obsessions:

10 food trends for 2018

  1. Teas Please: Sales of herbal and green teas are set for an explosion this year with health-conscious consumers enticed by functional benefits and reduced caffeine.
  2. The Flexitarian in me: Following on from the #MeatFreeMonday movement in 2017, consumers are becoming more adventurous with their veggie and vegan habits, exploring meat substitutes more regularly- with tofu, tempeh and Indian cuisine (rich with pulses) on the up.
  3. The Darker Crafts: Darker beers like porters and stouts will experience the “craft beer” treatment and we’ll see the increase of boozy flavour cross-overs such as whiskeys finished in beer casks (and vice versa). 
  4. Super Local & Waste Not Want Not: Buying local to foraging or even growing on site- provenance and supporting small local producers continues to strengthen, combined with reducing food waste. 
  5. Eating Aloha: Move over 2017’s most ‘gramed Buddha Bowls, and in shimmys Poke Bowls fresh from Hawaii- tasty seafood and rice based meals- its sushi without the fuss!
  6. All in good time! Fermented foods that promote good gut health- from kefir to kombucha and kimchi, and probiotics to preserving, your tummy will thank you and make them worth the wait. 
  7. Moreish Mocktails- alcohol-free spirits and new-age soft drinks with floral and botanical notes will help us to enjoy socialising without the hangover. 
  8. Happy Hybrids: They shouldn’t work, but sometimes they do! From sushi croissants to pasta donuts, this “era of permissibility” for food experimentation means no end in sight for more extreme fusion creations.
  9. Middle Eastern Moment: Retail giant Whole Foods says Middle Eastern cuisine will truly hit the mainstream in 2018, so we’ll see more of spices like harissa, cardamom, and za’atar, as well as dishes like shakshuka.
  10. Pimping Up: As our fascination with Gin and Prosecco continues, we will see a further  explosion of weird and wonderful mixers, uber cordials and botanical syrups all designed to elevate your drinks trolley to a mixologist’s paradise.