Last week we had the pleasure of celebrating Noelle’s 10 year anniversary with us here in Greenhouse. 10 years ago when Greenhouse was a mere baby, (back then there was just 3 of us in a small office on Penrose Quay). We begged Noelle to join us and whip us into shape.


We’ve had the absolute pleasure of having her with us since then, crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s. Over the years Noelle has helped grow Greenhouse from 3 to 13 and lets be honest, we’d be broke without her. Thanks for everything Noelle, here’s to the next 10!

Time for a little ‘Flashback Friday’…

noelle2The early years

noelle3New York, New York!

noelle4Here we grow!

noelle5Lots of happy days in 10 years!

noelle7A few nights out…

noelle6…there were many!

noelle810 years on — the family is still growing!